After completing her fashion degree at Massey University in New Zealand, she began her career path in the fashion world with Karen Walker. Her time at the world renowned fashion house gave her the confidence and belief in her own creative vision, so in winter 2013 she embarked on a journey around the globe. Upon returning from her travels, she channeled her experiences and inspiration into launching her own brand, ITZME.

In August 2014, ITZME showed for the first collection at New Zealand Fashion Week.

ITZME is distinctly personal, empowering and constantly striking a balance between subtlety and daring, blurring the line between male uniformity, boyishness and femininity. Playing on traditional tailoring elements from menswear coupled with a strong female personality and aesthetic creates her distinctive flair. ITZME is to be yourself.

"I'm not sure exactly when I realised I wanted to be a fashion designer, but dressing up for me was like stepping into a dream, getting lost in yourself, taking on the role of another. For me fashion can help you be confident in who you are, and who you want to be. That's something I wanted to share, the feeling of being able to say, hey! ITZME"

                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Syza